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Big Bang - ALIVE

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      Starting on January 20, 2012, YG Entertainment released information on Big Bang's comeback and new mini-album through various teasers posted on YG-Life's official blog. It was later announced that the album would be titled Alive. On February 1, 2012, YG-Life revealed the album's full tracklist and release date, which was scheduled to be February 29, 2012.
The mini-album has 6 different versions and includes 7 new tracks, including a solo song performed by Daesung, titled "Wings".

      The music on this album was mostly composed of those part of the YG family and company. Teddy Park and G-Dragon produced the majority of the music for this album with the help of other producers such as Dj Murf and Peejay. G-Dragon wrote the majority of the songs as well with the help of T.O.P, Teddy Park, and the YG trainee Kang Park. The types of songs on this album have a wide range consisting of everything from electronic hip hop (Fantastic Baby) to much more urban hip hop (Bad Boy).



The EP was also released in Japan on March 28, 2012 as the group's fourth studio album, including 10 songs: 4 Japanese versions, 2 new songs and 4 songs already released in Korean. The album is the first release of the group under the label YGEX. It was released in five different editions: 2 CD+2DVD+Photobook (Type A comes with the Japanese version of the song "Haru Haru" as a bonus track and Type E comes with Goods and a exclusive video on DVD Disc 2. This version is only available at HMV Japan.), 2 CD+DVD (Type B comes with the DVD Disc 2 and Type C with the DVD Disc 3) and a Regular edition.


To promote the album, it was released all music videos through music TV channels, such as MTV Japan, Space Shower TV and M-ON! (Music On! TV).

Live performances

The group performed the Japanese version of the song "Fantastic Baby" on NTV's show Happy Music in March 30. They are also scheduled to perform on NHK's show Music Japan and on NTV's show Music Lovers in April 1st.

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  1. Who is Kang Park? I just know that he's written several songs recently

  2. Kang Park is a new YG Entertainment trainee who is also a songwriter. He is from the United States and known for his rap skills in both English and Korean with the ability to write not only his own raps, but songs as a whole.

  3. He's written so many songs!!! I can't believe he even helped on the Big Bang album.

  4. I got to see him at the YG showcase about a week ago and he was sooo good!! His deep voice and the way he looks at you is so freaking sexy! If he debuts in the new YG boy group, I will definitely be his fan :)

  5. Does anyone know if he will be on the new YG show "WIN"?

  6. What happened to him, wasn't he part of Team A?